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A single one hour Personal Training session includes the following:

  • Training either online (video call) or at the Fitnessjh premises 

  • Planning a workout for the session that meets the clients goals

  • Advice on nutrition and nutritional goals 

  • Regular weigh-ins and body measurements to track progress 

Additional benefits:

  • Access to the Peak Fitness application for recording progress data 

  • The Personal Trainer can be contacted via the Peak Fitness application, however responses will be limited to 09:00 - 18:00 Monday to Saturday and excludes bank holidays.

What's not included

  • Planning of additional gym/home workouts outside of the training sessions 

  • Meal plans 


All payments must be made prior to any sessions being undertaken. Failure to make a payment will result in cancellation of the session.


Payments for Personal Training sessions are to be made by bank transfer only. 

Deposit payments can be made via Stripe or bank transfer, when using Stripe an additional £1 will be added due to payment provider fees. See deposits section below.


We require 24-hour notice of any cancellation of sessions. This can be made directly to trainer, by email, text message or phone call. If 24-hour notice isn't provided, the client will lose that session, and no refund will take place. (this is in place as we are extremely busy and to ensure other clients can have available slots. It becomes very difficult to plan the week if clients cancel at the last minute).


If a client is late for their session, their session will be reduced in accordance with that time. If the client is more than 20 minutes late, the session may be cancelled and the client will lose the session. In this circumstance no refund will be given.


Prior to commencing Personal Training sessions, a deposit to the value of two training sessions will be required. Should the cancellation policy not be followed, and if notice of cancellation is not received 24 hours before starting the session, then the value of one session will be deducted from the deposit.

The deposit will be refunded to the client when the client ceases to stop Personal Training sessions. The amount refunded will depend on whether any deductions have been made, as per the above paragraph, if no deductions have been made the deposit will be refunded in full.


  • A single one hour training for one person is charged at £30

  • The deposit fee for a single person will be charged at £60 (two one hour sessions)

Informed Consent & Assumption of Risk

There are always certain risks associated with any physical activity. I understand these risks and declare myself physically sound and capable to participate in the Fitnessjh Personal Training sessions. I will declare any current and/or previous medical conditions or injuries to the trainer before commencing any Personal Training sessions.

The Personal Training sessions are designed to guide me, safely and effectively, through an appropriate individualised fitness/exercise regime based on my initial fitness assessment and goal assessment. I realise that I have the option to discontinue any activity upon my own discretion. I also realise that all information obtained about myself through this program will be kept in strict confidence as per the Fitnessjh Privacy Policy which can be found here.


Once the deposit has been recieved we can start your fitness journey and book your first session!

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